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The Household Home

Living and learning in the past for you

The dining table provides an amusing moment for visitors to Harvington

We are again at the National Trust property
Lodge Park

near Northleach, Gloucestershire on
Sunday 26th March 2017
for Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day) with
Our special emphasis is on the story of children and childcare  in the 17th century, when such things as swaddling were considered essential. You will be surprised what happened!

In addition we will have a selection of toys and games for people of all ages to try, as well as examples of calculating systems including the rare ‘Pascaline’

Plus, of course, our display of 17th-century foodstuffs

The Household is a group of re-enactors who come together to provide live events in mainly domestic situations based around the middle of the 1600s. Our key members portray minor gentry - landed people with some wealth and social status, which separates our offer from that of most re-enactors in the period. We specialise in turning 16th- or 17th- century houses into living homes, with a family, household retainers, guests and visiting traders.

The style we offer varies according to the location. If requested, we will live and act entirely in the roles of the people we portray. We have, however, discovered that this can be too much for some visitors, so our normal form is to act our parts between ourselves, but come into the modern period for interacting with the public.

We offer a range of different things to see and even do from the 1640s - 1650s, including:

  • A display of the sort of foods that were available to members of the minor gentry
  • Boil a Mouse in Urine - we believe this to be the most informative and detailed information to be found about how children were cared for in the Tudor and Stuart periods
  • Casting Stones at Napier’s Bones - some of the different ways that were available for calculating in the Tudor and Stuart periods, which led to many of the most important advances in science and mathematics
  • Play the Game - a chance to see and try some of the many different games and toys available to children and adults in the period.

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